Ett enat Europa – till vilket pris?

Gästskribent: Thomas Flystam

”Artikeln togs bort på begäran av skribenten pga. att vissa formuleringar vantolkades och utnyttjades mot honom av extrema vänster -populister.

Författaren hälsar att han är kritisk mot teorin om Kalergiplanen och tar givetvis avstånd från alla typer av antisemitism. Det han gjorde i den borttagna artikeln var att jämföra Kalergiplanens metod med Muslimska Brödraskapets.”

Här läser ni Muslimska brödraskapets strategier från deras egna dokument.

Källor från: Egyptson Sameh, Holy White Lies, Cairo, Dar El Maaref, 2018

– Dokument 1: ”The project” Den Internationella strategin (hittades i Schweiz)
– Dokument 2: Strategin i Nord Amerika (hittades i Virginia)
– Dokument 3: Strategin i Egypten (hittades i Kairo). Endaste har Holy White Lies översatt en stor del av det till engelska.

Målet: Tamkeen
För Muslimska Brödraskapet innebär Tamkeen, (Allmakt- eskatologisk totalitärt styre), att  alla religioner och livsåskådningar i en gudsplan ska underkasta sig islam och dess sharialagar.

Metoden: Infiltration
Holy White Lies har dokumenterat infiltrationen i Sverige med statliga och officiella dokument.

Strategin: Stegvis-strategi

Taktik (referenser från Al Banna och Al Qaradawi finns i Holy White lies)

  • prioritet och balans
  • Vita lögner, Taqeyya
  • Ändring för religiösa uttalanden efter kontexten
  • Övervägning av ambition mot potential
  • Intressen
  • Förenandet av muslimska organisationer under Brödraskapet ledning
  • Uppskjuten jihad
  • Dialog med politiska och religiösa organ
  • Tawteen, islamiska parallella samhälle
  • Demografisk förändring i väst

Example på Strategier 

Dokument 1: ”The project” Den Internationella strategin

Några dagar efter 11 september gjorde FBI en husrannsakan i Schweiz hos Ghaleb Himmat, (Ordförande för Islamiska organisationer i Tyskland) och Youssef Nada (den ansvarige för utrikespolitik för Muslimska Brödraskapet och huvudägare för Taqwa Banken) Ett dokument som heter ”Projektet”  hittades daterat 1 december 1982 och bestod av 14 sidor. dokumentet ingår i utredningen för 11 september. Här kan man läsa hela dokumentet på arabiska och engelska.

“(Approaches, Elements, Procedural Prerequisites and Missions) In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. This report represents a comprehensive development of a global strategy for Islamic policy considering national Islamic Policies formulated in different countries and which are consistent with the global strategy. It was taken into consideration to prove the approaches of such a policy, then to mention the most important elements of each entry, some of its procedural prerequisites, then to include some suggested tasks but not be limited to them, Allah is the Arbiter of Success”.

Following, the report mentions 12 approaches considered as the most important ones of this strategy, including:
The First Approach: Study ground knowledge in addition to adoption of a scientific approach in planning and implementation.
The Second Approach: Hard work. The Third Approach: A combination between global commitments and domestic resilience.
The Fourth Approach: A combination between engagement in politics and not being isolated on the one hand and raising up generations and doing institutional work on the other hand.
The Fifth Approach: Striving for establishing the Islamic State and working to gradually take control over domestic power centers.
The Sixth Approach: Working faithfully with Islamic groups and bodies in different areas and agreeing on certain mutual points. To cooperate in what we have agreed upon and excuse each other concerning what we disagree on.
The Seventh Approach: To accept some sort of periodical cooperation among the Islamic movements and other national movements in common issues and non-contentious points such as; fighting colonialism, evangelizing and the Jewish State in a way that is not up to alliances level. However, such cooperation is to be done at the level of some certain elements in leadership or contact. It should be tied to the scope of studying, each case individually and approved by Sharia without being allied to them nor having intimate relations with them.
The Eighth Approach: Mastering tactics that serve the current situation without compromising the basic principles. Knowing for sure that all the provisions of Allah are applicable. Additionally, to call for practicing the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (immortality) along with expressing opinions supported in data and books, in a way that does not force the Call to get into unequal confrontation with its domestic antagonists and international enemies, that may result in severe blows to the Call and the missionaries.
The Ninth Approach: Continuous establishment of necessary force for the Islamic Call, as well as supporting the Jihadist movements in the Islamic world, as much as possible.
The Tenth Approach: Depending on various monitoring systems in different places to provide information and adopting an aware and effective Media Policy to serve the Global Islamic Policy, as monitoring political decision making and effective media with integrated components concerns structure and performance.
The Eleventh Approach: As for the Global Islamic scale, the Palestinian issue is based on both political and jihadi levels, since it is key for the Islamic World Renaissance once more.
The Twelfth Approach: Self-criticism and an on-going assessment of Global Islamic Policy in light of objectives, substance and measures for development and improvements that are considered an Islamic duty and necessary according to the provisions of the Islamic Sharia.”

För vidare läsning:

Dokument 2: Strategin i Nord Amerika

I augusti 1991 märkte en polisman i delstaten Maryland en kvinna i en traditionell muslimsk klänning som fotograferade stödstrukturerna i en bro, vilket resulterade trafikenstopp. Chauffören för hennes bil var Ismael Elbarasse som tidigare hade hållits kvar i en polisstation i Chicago angående insamling av medel för Hamas. När FBI: s kontor i Washington gjorde husrannsakan för Elbarasse hem i Virginia, många dokument tillhörde det muslimska brödraskapet i Amerika hittades inklusive följande dokument som publicerades av New York.

“In your hands “an explanatory note” which I tried to write down, so it would not remain locked inside my bosom and mind. Additionally, to share with you a part of the responsibility placed on us concerning the leadership of the group in this country, the United States. Perhaps I was encouraged to present this note at this particular time by a sense of “glimmer of hope” and a brightening promise that we have entered a new phase of Islamic action on this continent. Therefore, I ask my brothers, to read the note and write whatever comments and corrections they want. Kindly note that what is in your hands is not strange or a new offering from a plant with no origin, it is an attempt to interpret and explain some of what was mentioned in the long-term plan that we adopted and approved in our Council and Conference (in 1987).

The process of settlement is a process of civilizational jihad in every sense of the word. The Brotherhood must understand that their work in America is a kind of great jihad in the removal and destruction of the Western civilization, to destroy it from within, and to “vandalize” their houses by their own hands and the hands of the believers so that they will be evacuated, thus the religion of Allah is manifested over all religions.

Such a huge mission as the task of settlement needs great and painstaking efforts. The Muslim Brotherhood, by their human, financial and scientific resources, will not be able to accomplish it on their own or in isolation from

others. Whoever believes this, is wrong. The role of the Brotherhood is to take the initiative, to be the pioneers, to take command, raising the flag and pushing people in this direction. Then they should work to recruit, direct and unite the efforts and strengths of Muslims for this process. Accordingly, to achieve this end, we must deepen the jurisprudence of alliances, the art of assimilation and the civility of cooperation.

The success of the settlement of Islam and its movement in this country is a success of the global Islamic movement and the support for the desired state. Thus, (not) to focus on our whole work in the attempt to settle Islam in this country will lead to our negligence and failure in our role concerning the performance of our duty to the global Islamic movement in support of its project of establishing the global Islamic state for two reasons; The first reason is: The success of the movement to establish a strong and committed Islamic base in America will be the best help and support for the project of the global movement. The second reason is: The global movement has not yet succeeded in the distribution of roles in its branches to determine what is required of them as one of the participants or contributors to the project of the establishment of the Global Islamic State. When this day comes, our sons of the American Brotherhood will have great deeds of which parents will be proud.

Hela dokumentet med översättningen till engelska finns i länken ovan.

Dokument 3: Strategin i Muslimska länder


Ett handskrivet dokument, kallad ”Allmakt”, hittades också av den egyptiska polisen när Salsabil-företagets högkvarter ransskades. Företaget ägs av Khairat el-Shater , medlem av Guidance Office (läst relationen mellan honom och Chakib Benmakhlouf). Dokumentet finns bland handlingar i egyptiska domstolen i ärendet nummer 87 1992. En av dokumentens viktigaste punkter var processen att penetrera samhällets institutioner:

“Regarding the spread into active institutions:

-” Traise the ability of individuals to penetrate institutions without loss of identity.
– To raise the ability of individuals to deal with information to cooperate with other forces. It is necessary to raise individuals to establish intellectual and practical bridges as well as the possibility of penetration or coordination.[SL1]

1 – To achieve the mission, the following is required: 1 – To have the ability to deal with other ideas and to comprehend those with wide minds.
2 – To raise the brother to take initiatives, being positive and to present a model of these traits.
3 – The brother and his family should be a role model in adhering to the values of Islam and its laws and to have the ability to influence the society accordingly.
4 – Raising the political, economic and social awareness of the brother. 5 – To broaden the perspective of the brother to comprehend Islam as a cause and as a global movement with knowledge of the Islamic movements in different countries and their roles, as well as the nature of problems in the Islamic countries.
6 – To raise the brother on the ability to earn money and invest it.
7 – To raise the brother to pay attention to his specific specialization.
8 – To raise the brother to pay attention to physical education and public health.

To prepare for future tasks the following is required:

– To take care of a selected group where the ability to manage public institutions is developed.
– The ability to recognize distinguished things in various fields and to benefit from them.”

Strategin efter den arabiska våren (
I ett officell uttalande som man kan hitta idag på Muslmiska Brödraskapets officella hemsidan skriver Mohammed Badie, den nuvarande högsta guiden för det muslimska brödraskapet (som hålls kvar i ett egyptiskt fängelse), tydligheten i målet och uthålligheten är vägen mot renässans.

Efter att president Mursi kom till makten i Egypten 2012, talar Supreme Guide om samma mål, principer och strategier som al-Banna och al-Qaradawi presenterade. Han skriver:

”Imam al Banna (i meddelandet från sjätte konferensen) identifierade två mål för sin välsignade grupp, Han sa:” Muslimska brödraskapet arbetar för att uppnå två mål: ett mycket nära mål, dess mål och resultat visas direkt från första dagen individen går med i gruppen, börjar med att rensa själen och korrigera beteendet och förbereda ande, själ och kropp för en lång jihad.  Ett långsiktigt mål. I det är det nödvändigt att förvalta omständigheter, vänta på tiden, god förberedelse och tidigare struktur, inklusive en omfattande och fullständig förändring av alla livsaspekter som alla nationernas krafter samarbetar för på ett sätt som underkastar alla befintliga situationer att förändra och återuppliva den muslimska staten och  Koranens sharia.

Imam al-Banna har fastställt, för det stora målet, periodiska mål och detaljerade medel, som börjar med att reformera individen, bygga familjen, etablera samhället, regeringen, sedan det rättfärdiga kalifatet och världens mästerskap; mästerskap i vägledning, rättfärdighet, sanning och rättvisa. ”

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